flxble manufactures the finest lifestyle accessories combining traditional woodworking with modern digital techniques. Inspired by retrospective vintage designs and abstract geometric forms, our goal is to create a better everyday experience with a regard for style.


who we are



The flxble team consists of a multidisciplinary collective of makers experimenting with organic materials and digital craftsmanship. Came together driven by passion and artisan energy, now we are family of creatives characterized by a strong culture of curiosity.


Our workshop is where where we get excited, where we play, get happy and struggle through life. It’s the place where emotions and inspirations interact. It’s where we get tired and relax. There is where we create our goods and beyond that where we create ourselves.


During a prototyping workshop in one of berlins coworking-spaces the designer Olaf Simon meets the passionated innovator Mechmet Chiousemoglou. Olaf carries his bike on his shoulder indoors to protect it from rain. But there was no real place for parking the bike – the first idea was born. Conversation starts and the journey begins.

Founded in 2012, flxble was initially the brand behind the Bike Dock. Today flxble designs and manufactures useful wooden design objects. Based in berlin, germany